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Once you arrive for your first lesson, our goal will be to provide you with all the instruction, support and experience necessary, making your goals in aviation a possibility and not just a 'dream'.  Currently, some who received their Private Pilot Certificate with us are now in the Air Force, flying both fighters and 'heavies'.  We have had students matriculate to the Air Force Academy, some to other aviation universities and academies.  Some of our students are flying corporately and some are with the airlines.  We also have former students who've gone on to purchase their own airplane to explore with their family, some out-of-the-way destinations previously unavailable.  Some fly regularly, some fly just for fun.  Whatever your goal in aviation, WE ARE YOUR TEAM.


There are three aspects to achieving a Private Pilot Certificate:  One, passing a Written Exam, Two, passing an Oral Exam with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) and Three, making an actual flight with the DPE.  Our Ground School, usually conducted two or three times during the year is instrumental in preparing you for both the Written and Oral Exams. We conduct our Ground School in a state-of-the-art classroom in our Aviation Center, allowing you to receive personal support from professional instructors and the opportunity to learn along with other aviation students.  Ground instruction is also an integral part of each and every flight lesson.

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Once checked out in our aircraft by one of our Certified Flight Instructors, 'the sky's the limit'!  Choose from among five aircraft presently in our fleet.  We have two, two-seat Cessna 150's, two, four-seat aircraft, a Cessna 172 an a Piper PA-28, and for the conventional gear (tail wheel) enthusiasts, a Cessna 140.  We can provide you with the tools necessary to explore the limits of your certificate.  There is an old airport adage, 'A mile of road will take you a mile.  A mile of runway will take you anywhere'!  Let us provide the aircraft and the runway!  Contact us via phone or email, or even swing by the airport to see the facilities and aircraft for yourself!

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